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1. What is your refund policy? 

Refund Policy

3. Where can I find your liability waiver?

Participant Liability Waiver

Minor Participant Liability Waiver

4. Does your club have resources for concussion safety?

We have concussion protocols and resources to help protect our members and guests. Please review files below.

Participant Concussion Code of Conduct

Concussion Removal and Return to Sport Protocol


5. Where can I find your Member Code of Conduct, Harassment Policy and General Club Rules?

         Member Code of Conduct



         Harassment Policy 



6. Competitive Team Application for Support:


1. How do I register?

Registration can be completed through our online registration system, Curling I/O. If you have registered with us before, please make sure you use the same profile that has been created. Please watch our instructional video's below for more information. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Profile & Membership Registration

2. Why is our club a member of the Curling Canada and Northern Ontario Curling Association? 

Curling Canada and NOCA are national and provincial association, respectively that governs the sport of curling. Being a recognized member of these organizations offers our club and members many benefits including but not limited to; the ability to host high level tournaments, assisting in grant applications, full access to a high level registration system, and various programming options for our club. 

3. How does the membership structure work? 

The membership and program fees increase every year by 2%. To provide clarity, our membership is broken down into 4 fees (membership fee, capital fee, Curling Canada and NOCA fee). The capital fee goes into our reserve fund to assist with capital projects at the facility. 

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