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World Women’s Curling | 50-50 Raffle Winners

Date Draw Time Name of Winner Amount Won Ticket #Sat March 17th 2pm Matt Sneddon $3512 A-288642 Sat March 17th 7pm Yvonne Gilchrist $3885 B-707013 Sun March 18th 9am Valerie Henry $1165 C-260667 Sun March 18th 2pm Claudette Lamonthe $2027 D-546403 Sun March 18th 7pm Scott McLean $3890 F-780225 Mon March 19th 9am John Glinski $637 E-296852 Mon March 19th 2pm Jeff Miller $2780 G-595068 Mon March 19th 7pm Blair Carberry $1542 H-385595 Tues March 20th 9am Marshall McCully $2172 I-500793 Tues March 20th 2pm Steve Hevenor $1265 J-444607 Tues March 20th 7pm Carmelle Piquette $4425 J-634752 Wed March 21st 9am Trevor Keefe $1057 K-293917 Wed March 21st 2pm Michael Allen $4927 L-483956 Wed March 21st 7pm Roxanne Robert $7625 M-332780 Thurs March 22nd 9am John Sherman $2987 N-105020 Thurs March 22nd 2pm Colleen Hill $1415 I-748256 Thurs March 22nd 7pm Anita Chase $5052 P-263892 Fri March 23rd 9am Neil Neville $4447 Q-434104 Fri March 23rd 2pm $2442 R-124441 Fri March 23rd 7pm Megan Jolley $11847 S-318956 Sat March 24th 9am Ralph Conventry $2707 T-766189 Sat March 24th 2pm Dayle Wright $7237 U-666112 Sat March 24th 7pm Edward Janveau $12846 V-476031 Sun March 25th 10am Christine Quesnel $6082 W-398844 Sun March 25th 3pm Paulette Larocque $18712 X-599616


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