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Tues/Wed/Fri Evening Draw Changes

Members of the Tuesday Evening Open League, Wednesday Evening Cash League, and Friday Evening Mixed League are reminded to review recently updated draws that now run six full sheets of ice at the 6:30pm draw and one game to be played on the “first available sheet”.

  1. Teams scheduled on the “first available sheet” are asked to arrive and be dressed by no later than 7:50pm.

  2. If there is a cancellation on the 6:30pm draw, the skips that are scheduled on the “first available sheet” will be notified.

  3. It is our intention to have each team play the “first available sheet” no more than two times this season (unless otherwise requested).

  4. We hope that the busier atmosphere on the early draw will inspire curlers to socialize more before and after the game; enjoy a few beverages with teammates and opponents; and support our kitchen, which generates a great deal of needed revenue for the club.

If you have any questions about these new draws, please ask your League President or the General Manager.


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