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TSN: Team Jacobs Repeats as Skins Game Champion

By Staff

BANFF, ALTA. – In a battle of the Brads, it was Sochi 2014 gold medallist Brad Jacobs who edged out Brad Gushue in tonight’s PINTY’S ALL-STAR CURLING SKINS GAME Men’s Final, making Jacobs the back-to-back TSN skins game champion.

With $54,000 won in tonight’s game plus $17,000 in yesterday’s semifinal, Jacobs and his Northern Ontario team – which features Ryan Fry, E.J. Harnden, and Ryan Harnden – will go home with a total of $71,000 after this weekend’s PINTY’S ALL-STAR CURLING SKINS GAME. Overall, Jacobs’ TSN skins game career earnings now total $146,000

Olympic gold medallist Gushue and his Newfoundland and Labrador team of Mark Nichols, Brett Gallant, and Geoff Walker, did not go home empty handed, walking away with a total of $22,000 in prize money from this weekend (see below for a breakdown of men’s results from this weekend).

In the opening end, Gushue attempted a thin double but could not hang on for two, resulting in a carry-over. With $4,000 at stake in the second, Jacobs made a quiet tap-back to pick up the first skin of the game. Gushue got on the board in the third with a $3,000 skin. Jacobs answered back in the fourth end, taking the $3,000 skin to boost his lead. After a carry-over in the fifth end, Jacobs was unsuccessful at his runback take-out attempt, resulting in a single and another carry-over. An intense seventh end, which resulted in a carry-over, put a whopping $47,000 on the line in the eighth end – and it was Jacobs who secured the skin and back-to-back championships.

Overall Men’s Results

  1. Team Jacobs: $17,000 (Semifinal) + $54,000 (Final including $15,000 Winner’s Bonus) = $71,000

  2. Team Gushue: $19,000 (Semifinal) + $3,000 (Final) = $22,000

  3. Team McEwen: $4,000 (Semifinal) + $1,000 (Draw to the Button Bonus) = $5,000

  4. Team Simmons: $2,000 (Semifinal)

TOTAL: $100,000

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