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The Latest Scoop on Tickets

  1. We are no longer selling full event passes for the Traveler’s Northern Ontario Men’s Curling Championships.

  2. Please dress appropriately and be prepared to take a seat on the ice surface. No food or alcoholic beverages will be allowed. Entry to and exit from this area is permitted only while there is no stone being delivered on the nearest sheet of ice.

  3. Semi-Final tickets are still available at the door Saturday night. Doors open at 6:45pm for the 7:30pm game.

  4. Tickets to the Championship Final are now only being sold once the game has begun. If you have not yet purchased your ticket there is no guarantee that you will have a seat or a decent view. The game will however be broadcasted live on Cogeco and being shown on our large projector screen in the lounge. The atmosphere will well be worth the ticket price.


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