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The Hottest Curling Items In Store For The Holidays

Nugget Column #12 – Tuesday December 16th, 2014

Technology in curling equipment continues to be developed at an exponential rate. The capability given by the practical application of knowledge (as technology is defined) is highly visible in many new products introduced to pro shops across the world this curling season.

The most popular new product on our shelves is Goldline’s Quantum Shoe, which claims to leave behind the use of an adhesive to attach a slider and gripper to the sole of the shoe. The adhesive bond has been the standard for generations, however, in addition to delaminating problems, it has bound manufacturers to Teflon as the only material that could be used as a slider. The Quantum employs as innovative mechanical attachment system wherein slider and gripper “disks” are snapped into strategically positioned receptacles in the sole. There are seven slider discs and seven gripper discs which may be attached to either foot eliminating handedness as a factor, and should the disc wear-out before the upper, they can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of purchasing an entirely new pair of shoes.

Another hot item comes to our shop from a new manufacturer of curling equipment, Hardline Curling. Some of you may have seen Archie Manavian and Stan Fong face the Dragon’s Den panel on November 5th, 2014 where they were seeking a $75,000 investment.

At the time of their pitch Hardline Curling had earned $80,000 in sales representing 2600 of the planet’s lightest, fastest and most efficient brushes. Hardline is based in Montreal and manufacturers their product in Canada where there is said to be 1.3 million curlers. The icePad is available as an attachment to your existing broom and features a less abrasive material that allows for faster sweeping in addition to lasting twenty-five times longer than their competitors’ products.

With Arlene Dickinson and David Chilton on board, professional rinks flocked. Featured teams now include: Mike McEwen, Reid Carruthers, Heather Nedohin, Dean Joanisse, Allison Flaxey and the reigning Canadian Mixed Curling Champions who were crowned earlier this season at the North Bay Granite Club.

Finally, a new fashion trend has arrived and recreational players can access professional looking apparel just as easily as the tour teams. The most popular sublimated team jackets and shirts are purchased from Fuzion by Kobe Sportswear with a rebate from every sale being returned to our local curling club.

Runback Apparel is another supplier and defines sublimation as a process that allows for the transfer of high quality graphics into polyester based fabrics. It is not just another form of placing logos, graphics, names, or numbers onto products. Sublimation allows for designs to be embedded deeply in the material’s fibres leaving a product that feels like nothing is actually printed on it. 

Sublimation allows for customers to create vibrant visually appealing garments that not only look great, but feel fantastic and perform extremely well. The ability to design the entire garment from top to bottom gives customers a chance to stand out from the crowd. The process is simple, but the end result is a stunning product.

Don’t forget to source your new curling toys in time for this holiday season.

Bobby Ray General Manager North Bay Granite Club

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