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Season-Opening Activities Call on Community

Nugget Column #02 – Tuesday September 29th, 2015

If you were asked politely to try curling this season, just once, would you? What if someone dared you? What if you were double dog dared? Would you have the stones to try something new, because we do – and we’ll gladly lend them to you.

With plenty of opportunities to experience curling over the next month, the Granite Club is calling on community members to give it a shot this winter.

FREE! You read me, there are five different FREE Orientation to Curling sessions scheduled for the opening week of curling season and all you have to do is register at and show up in clean indoor runners and some stretchy pants.

Tuesday October 13th at 6:00pm and 7:30pm. Sunday October 18th at 10:00am, 1:00pm, and 3:00pm. All sessions are 1.5 hours in duration.

DOUBLES! It’s the newest addition to the winter Olympics and we are offering a free orientation to this new 2-on-2 format on Thursday October 15th at 6:30pm. Register at

CHEESE! If you like cheese, it will most likely be provided as a complimentary snack at our Open House on Thursday October 1st from 7pm – 9pm. Rumour has it that there may also be meats, crackers, fruits, and vegetables – but there’s only one way to discover the truth.

Prospective curlers wishing to gather more information on North Bay’s only curling facility will appreciate the opportunity to visit numerous booths featuring various leagues and programs that accommodate all different age groups, genders, and ability levels. Returning curlers are encouraged to settle their dues and register for league play set to begin after Thanksgiving weekend.

FUN-spiel! The CTV Community Funspiel is returning with a focus on the social aspects of our sport. It is intended that members will make an effort to recruit friends, family, neighbours and/or co-workers that do not curl to participate in some friendly competition against other such teams.

The October 14th, 16th and 17th event will feature snack foods nightly in addition to live music and prizes on Saturday evening. The entry fee for this event is only $80/team and one prize donation valued at less than twenty dollars. “But I’ve never curled before…” than you’re who we’re looking for – register as a team or individual today at

TRIAL! What if we permitted you the flexibility to join our club for a 6-week period at a reduced rate, curl in an unlimited number of leagues, and participate in a once weekly group lesson to see if you enjoyed it? Done.

Now if there is anything else we can do to convince you that you need curling in your life just give us a ding at 705-472-6740 and we’ll talk.

In conclusion we ask you to pretty please with a cherry on top consider the above offers because we triple dog dare you to try curling this winter.

See you Thursday!

Bobby Ray General Manager North Bay Granite Club

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