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Orientation to Curling October 4th @ 6pm

Nugget Column #03 – Tuesday September 19th, 2017

No – a draw is not a tie, a take-out is not a fast food order, a house is not something you live in, a button is not an object used to fasten your waistband, and a biter is not a reference to your kinky mistress; not in curling anyways…

The language of curling is just one aspect of the game that you will be briefed on as part of our “Orientation to Curling” session running Thursday October 4th from 6pm – 7:30pm.

This ninety-minute offering is open to the public for $20/adult and $10/kid (under 16 years of age). Participants will be introduced to North Bay’s only curling facility and receive on-ice instruction in the areas of a balanced delivery, sweeping, and gameplay rules.

Participants are encouraged to wear flexible layers of clothing, bring clean indoor running shoes and head protection, as well as RSVP with the club before arriving.

Looking for a fun event to kick off this curling season? Register for the Granite Club’s “Swing and Sweep” happening Saturday October 7th. 9 holes of golf in the morning, 6 ends of curling in the afternoon, dinner in the evening; you might just think you died and gone to heaven. Register at

Bobby Ray General Manager North Bay Granite Club

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