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Open House & Registration for New Curlers

We would like to welcome all new curlers to our 2020/21 season!

  1. Join us on Tuesday September 22nd, from 5pm – 9pm for our Open House & Registration for New Curlers!

  2. Come out and talk to representatives of all competitive, non-competitive and beginner leagues – Ladies, Men’s, Open, Doubles, Rookie, Teacher, Day and Evening. Coach Laura will be there for information on the Learn to Curl programs, Junior Programs, Clinics and Private Lessons.

  3. Laptops will be set up for all that are looking to get registered for curling that will begin the week of October 13th!

  4. Please ensure you wear a face covering and use the provided sanitization products upon entering!

  5. Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, we are limited to the number of people in the lounge. Due to this, we ask you use link to register. We also ask that last year’s members register online, by phone or in office.

CLICK HERE to register! 


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