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Open House & AGM Dates

As the summer comes to a close, our staff and Board of Directors are busy getting ready for the curling season.

We will be holding our Open House on September 22nd for new members from 6 – 9 pm.

We have also scheduled our in-person Annual General Meeting for September 29th at 630 pm. According to the public health guidelines the club can hold a maximum of 50% of our capacity at any given time. Our capacity limit is currently 118 individuals.

Additionally, in light of Premier Ford’s recent announcement regarding Covid Vaccine passports, the club will be aligning with this requirement for the 2021/22 curling season.

Further details will be made available prior to the start of registration which should be open mid-September.

Thanks, and stay safe!

Cindy Pattenden

Director of Communication and Programming

North Bay Granite Club Board of Directors

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