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Maurice Laporte Honoured with John Toswell Memorial Award

It’s official… The North Bay Sports Hall of Fame has announced its 2018 inductees and award winners which include two-time Brier participant John McClelland (inductee) and John Toswell Memorial Award winner Moe Laporte.

Please join us in celebration of these outstanding Granite Club members at the 39th Annual North Bay Sports Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Dinner on Saturday May 4th at the Davedi Club. Tickets are available from Karen Cobb (705-493-7578).


Maurice Laporte, born and raised in North Bay, is this year’s winner of the John Toswell Memorial Award for contribution to the sport of Curling. Maurice represents all that any organization would value for his dedication to the sport; for his sportsmanship as an active curling participant and for his longstanding and significant contribution to the North Bay Granite Curling Club.

Maurice began curling in the late 1970’s. After retiring he played and competed in the men’s senior division and on mixed teams winning the club championship and the Wednesday Open League championship, both in 2009.

Since becoming a member, Maurice has continuously contributed to club development and to growing the sport. As stated in his nomination by his co workers at the club:

“Moe is a hard working volunteer.  He takes the roles he volunteers for seriously.  Moe does not take on the roles that get all the credit; he takes on the roles that do the work.”

Moe has been the convenor of the men’s senior draws for the past 10 years and has successfully ensured business sponsorships for the annual Assante and Masters bonspiels while at the same time acting as the food convenor for these events.

Additionally, Moe has:

  1. Co- chaired the Wednesday Open League for 10 years,

  2. Coordinated meals for numerous bonspiels and special events over the years,

  3. Spearheaded a Curling Day once/season for his Church,

  4. Been an assistant instructor with Nipissing University’s Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Curling Practicum,

  5. Provided instruction to students during elementary and secondary school curling electives held at the club,

  6. Made himself available regularly to help new curlers learn and understand the game both technically and strategically.

Throughout the World Women’s Curling Championships held in North Bay in 2018,  Moe was a dynamic seller of 50-50 tickets which assisted the club with its fundraising endeavours and overall goals of the organizing committee.

Like his predecessors for this award, Moe is a very dedicated and deserving recipient as he is always there to help with events, fundraising, instruction and promotion. Whatever he is asked to do Moe completes it to the best of his ability and with a cheerful spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork.


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