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MAR 15-17 | Coldwell Banker Open Bonspiel



The North Bay Granite Club’s annual Coldwell Banker Bonspiel is scheduled for March 15th – 17th, 2019.

Cost is $80/person for teams registered and paid by Friday February 15th, 2019 and $90/person for teams that sign up after the early bird deadline.

Teams may consist of any combination of male or female curlers of any age or ability.


# Skip Vice Second Lead Paid?01. Bobby Ray Courtney Chenier Tyler Langlois Joanne Come Paid 02. Gilbert Waye Mark Angelo Steve Banducci Rick Green Paid 03. Steve Holmes Shelley VanErp Ron Gill Joanne Gill Paid 04. Tracey Sitts Julie Truscott Murray Sidon Jade Constable Paid 05. Gavan Jamieson Andrew Gerrits TBA Ms. Cowan Paid 06. Lyle Biglow Dave Dwyer Brad Hubley Tom Cholewinsky Paid 07. Malcolm O'Bright Dylan Burns Sean Breamore Kyle Vainio Paid 08. Pat Gelinas Eric Gelinas Matt Gordon Luc Gelinas Paid | 7PM 09. David Krupa Marie Derosier Ian Hill Tanya Hill Paid 10. Craig Haworth Ryan Forget Laura Forget Greg Estabrooks Paid | 7PM 11. Stacey Dobbin Mark Dobbin Val Davis John Davis Paid 12. Carl Woodbury Shirley Woodbury Patrick Woodbury Amanda Woodbury Paid 13. Mark Brown Brad Beaver Sue Cantin Dana Mackfall Paid 14. Jeff Miller Scott Miller Jeff King Brian Smith Paid 15. Trevor Rach Steve Rach Andre Ladouceur Gisele Lynch Paid 16. Steve Decary Tim Kuntz Jean-Guy Belzile Monique Decary Paid 17. Rick Miller Jim Lisk Denis Lafreniere Vince Pugliese 18. Elaine Beckett TBA TBA TBA Paid 19. Tim Cooper Edward Craig Eric Trask Alison Riopelle Paid 20. Brian Westfall Christian Repmann Jessica Westfall Jason Maisonville Paid 21. Ben Shane Kyle Forster Ashley Forster Sarah MacGregor Paid 22. Tom Cull Amanda Corkal Gerry Carriere Monique Schryer Paid 23. Jeff Brown Chris Bowman Ben Alexander Ryan McColeman Paid 24. Erica Hopson TBA TBA TBA Paid 25. J.P. Nadeau TBA TBA TBA Paid 26. John Herrick Mackenzie Daley Teresa Herrick Terrilyn Herrick Paid | 9PM 27. Mike O'Bright Marc Baril Kevin O'Bright Sharron O'Bright Paid 28. Peter Croteau David Chadbourne Cindy Chadbourne Bill Allen Paid 29. Bonnie Tweedle Steve Hevenor Jen Rothwell Daryle Moffatt Paid 30. Dan Coutu Danielle Cheverie Frank Albeartie Sara Lake Paid 31. Iain McCully Leah Currie Carol Tremblay Relessey Cripps Paid 32. Beth Goodhew Sharon Herrndorf Tammy Harrison Ann Murat Paid 33. Pat Dayes Madge Makowiczuk Deb McMullen Linda Lutecki Paid 34. Chris Johnson Ethan Doig Grant Cowan Kathleen Cowan Paid 35. Marcel Lefebvre Tom Boyd Todd Lefebvre Dave Jenkins Paid 36. Rhiannon Don Jonathan Boese Jason Perrin Isabelle Garrow Paid 37. Jeff Philbert Craig Jessica Clay Paid 38. Lianne Cousineau Marc Larochelle Paul Dottori Danielle Cousineau Paid 39. Jim Antler Denis Dufresne Shelly Hampel Allan Hampel Paid | 7PM 40. Cory Presseault Mitch Ouimette Shawn Presseault Pat Dumas Paid


Division DownloadA Division Download PDF B Division Download PDF C Division Download PDF D Division Download PDF All Division Download Excel Spreadsheet

Entertainment & Features

FRI Post-Game | Pizza


FRI 9pm – 1:30am | Johnny Williams & The Terminators


If you ask anyone that has seen or heard Johnny’s music or performances they will have one word to say, Talent. Johnny is well known for his blues influenced sound and raw vocal power. This Sudbury-based musician is teaming up with the high-powered Terminators for a Friday night that parties like a Saturday night at The Coldwell.

Links:   YouTube Facebook Official Website


FRI Late | Wings


SAT 11:30am – 1:30pm | All-You-Can-Eat Tacos


SAT 11am – 3pm | Super Fun Time Trivia

For mature audiences only. Register your team for this comedic trivia challenge hosted by North Bay’s Cole and Kevin of Super Fun Time Trivia.

Cost is $20/team with the opportunity to win some fun prizes. Sign up to play at 11:15am and/or 1:15pm (sessions go about 90 minutes).

Links:   Instagram Facebook Official Website


SAT 5:30pm – 8:30pm: Sushi & Chinese Buffet


SAT 7:30pm – 9:30pm | Coll:de

coll:de (pronounced “collide”) is the solo project of Bryce Sigouin. Born July 10, 1992, in North Bay, Ontario, Sigouin served as a member of BCS before founding coll:de in early 2017. coll:de is known for his mesmerizing footwork during his live sets. With much inspiration from artists like Ed Sheeran, coll:de focuses on building his tracks from scratch using a loop pedal and drum pad. Fusing organic acoustic tones with artificial drum beats is the core of coll:de’s sound.

Links:   Facebook YouTube


Saturday 10pm – 1am | Jamie Williams


Jamie Williams has been performing professionally for over 25 years. As a headline performer at most of Central Ontario’s premier vacation resorts, he has entertained audiences of people from all across North America. After his shows the response is always the same – “Wow! How does one guy produce such a big sound?!”

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Jamie plays each and every instrument himself on the background tracks he uses in his live show. Even the vocal harmonies are painstakingly worked out and recorded. The result is a sound that is full and vibrant. Close your eyes and you will swear that a 5- or 6-piece band is playing up on stage.

Jamie’s stage setup usually consists of ten guitars (acoustic, electric, 6-string, 12-string, bass), banjo, two mandolins (different tunings), banjo, electric violin, piano/keyboard, saxophone, percussion (kick drum, snare, bongos, chimes,shakers etc.) and an arsenal of harmonicas.

Links:   YouTube Facebook Official Website


SUN 1am | Late Night Snack


SUN | Playoffs

The winners of the Main Event will be inscribed on an annual plaque and presented with Card Boxes in memory of long-time bonspiel sponsor and competitive curler Peter Minogue.







Please contact us to learn about our sponsorship opportunities.

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