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MAR 1 | Community Game Night

March 1

DOWNLOAD: March 1 Schedule & Roster of Teams

Join us on Friday March 1st for GAME NIGHT! Cost is $20/person for which participants receive an optional “Orientation to Curling” at 5:30pm, an organized 6-end Curling game starting at 7pm, pizza arriving around 9pm, and organized trivia afterwards. Bring your own board games, cards, and social activities with plans of spending the night enjoying some good old fashioned fun and games!

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# Player #1 Player #2 Player #3 Player #401. Nick Nauta Mackenzie Daley Danielle Cheverie TL Herrick 02. Dave Nighbor Jade Nighbor Scott Robertson Lindsey Voisin 03. Jason Perrin TBA TBA TBA 04. Jason Perrin TBA TBA TBA 05. Melissa Watson Kara Shauana Linda 06. Jim Antler Kathy Howe Darcy Wallingford Kim Reed 07. Marie Derosier Amber Leclair Hiyori Todoroki TBD 08. Ian Morland Wes Patterson Cory Jordan Christie Pitt 09. Jim Lisk Dale Lisk TBA TBA 10. Kathleen Quenneville Oscar Quenneville Matt Coleman Sophie Lamoureux 11. Sara Lake John Powers Joanne Powers TBD 12. Isabelle Garrow Lise Garrow Dean Garrow Tom Garrow 13. Dan Coutu Kathy Laporte Pam Wheeler Heather Krajci 14. Rhiannon Don Jon Boese Lauren Asher 15. Frank Albeartie TBA TBA TBA 16. Frank Albeartie TBA TBA TBA

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