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Ice Team Challenged By Heat Wave With Curling Season Days Away

Nugget Column #04 – Tuesday September 26th, 2017

Good thing you’re reading the newspaper today, as you wouldn’t be able to tell that curling season starts in less than a week by looking or stepping outside.

Ice Technicians around the province are being challenged with record high temperatures during curling ice installations that typically take place in late September, early October.

North Bay’s water freezing extraordinaire, Bruno Bin, is having his trade secrets put to the test with the Granite Club’s first rocks expected to be delivered Monday October 2nd at 10am. Credit to his dedicated volunteers, no obstacle has been too big to handle thus far. Many thanks to Bruno, Doug Johnson, Dinty Garnett, Bob Laughlin, John Stuckless, Ashley Bin, Jeremy Bin, and Amanda Mackenzie for their resilience.

Fun fact: in over twenty years in the industry Bruno had never attended to his ice making duties in shorts and a tank top; he can no longer say that.

Bobby Ray General Manager North Bay Granite Club

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