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Challenge Yourself, Learn to Curl!

Nugget Column #03 – Tuesday October 5th, 2015

We could tell you that it’s easy; that all the new people you meet will become lifelong friends, that the very moment you step onto the ice you will discover a passion for curling unlike any other activity in your life.

We could tell you that it’s cheap, that it’s in no way intimidating, and that all that sweeping will sculpt a perfect beach body for the off-season.

We could tell you a bunch of seemingly possible B.S., but that’s not our style.

The truth is curling is challenging.

Curling attracts a variety of humans, some that you will like and some that you can do without.

Sure… there are many people in the world who are passionate about curling and believe that you should be too, but then again there are people in this world that are passionate about “Bathtubbing” – an unusual sport of racing bathtubs either propelled by a motor, or paddled like a canoe. There are many variations of bathtubbing including individual time trials, multi-bathtub races, and synchronized bathtubbing, and there even seems to have been World Championship events. People are unique and so is curling.

Curling is neither the most expensive sport in town, nor is it the least expensive. A game ranges from $15 – $20 on average and purchasing your own equipment starts at about $250. We do however offer a flexible membership structure and lend you equipment in the beginning until you know that curling is something you would like to commit to.

Curling, like other technical sports such as tennis, golf and skiing look easy at first glance but can be embarrassingly finicky. Just remember “keep your foot flat, look at the broom, turn the rock, lift your knee, maintain a high wrist, push with your leg – not your arm, keep your shoulders square, and breathe”. If you’ve ever had a private lesson in any of the aforementioned sports, you’ll know how difficult it is to remember all the little things.

And the truth about curling and physical activity. Like going to the gym, you get out what you put in. You can walk up and down the ice dusting a path in front of your team’s stone just like you can saunter around the gym glancing at the all the machines, kick your feet up in the massage chair, hit the sauna, and go home sweaty. Or you can get in a good workout and significantly affect the outcome of your game.

If you’re up to the challenge, we highly recommend that new curlers consider joining us for one of our Free Orientations to Curling on October 13th at 6pm or 7:30pm, or on October 18th at 10am, 1pm, or 3pm.

If you’re left wanting more than register for our Learn to Curl program Thursday nights at 7pm. This 6-week instructional program will cover all aspects of the sport in depth and prepare you for participating in our Rookie League beginning in December.

Bobby Ray General Manager North Bay Granite Club

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