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Catching Up With Competitve Curler, Kate Sherry

North Bay’s Kate Sherry had a wildly successful curling season last year winning both the Northern Ontario Curling Association’s bantam girls provincials and junior girls provincial championships. This led to trips to the Canadian Juniors in Stratford, ON and the U18 International Curling Championships in Edmonton, AB.

So… what’s next for Kate you ask? Well, we can tell you that she’s already been on the ice more than most of will be this entire winter; and there’s no slowing down from last season.

Kate is curling out of the Sudbury Curling Club with a U21 (junior team) and a U18 (bantam team), both as vice. This year there are two national championships for curlers under 21. There is a U21 and a U18 national championship.

For Kate’s U21 team, they are registered for 6 events this fall as part of the junior tour in southern Ontario. They have qualified for the Superspiel in Ottawa, which is the premier event for junior curling and is based on qualifying.

Kate’s team will be competing at the end of November in U21 regionals in Sudbury with hopes of advancing to Junior Provincials being held between Christmas and New Years.

Tough competition exists in region 5 (our region), with three highly competitive teams all participating in bonspiels down south. The teams include Team Burns (previous champion), Team Brunton (last year’s champions) and Team Daly. Team Brunton consists of Kira Brunton, Skip; Kate Sherry, Vice; Mikaela Cheslock, Second; Emma Johnson, Lead; Chris Johnson, Coach.

The winner of the U21 Northern Provincial Championship will be the Northern Ontario representative for the U21 or “junior” national championship held in Victoria BC.

Sherry and teammates are also part of the Ontario Curing Council’s “Next Generation Program”. They are being identified as curlers who have potential to curl at the adult level in a competitive manner (Scotties, World Championships, Olympics). They get access to mentor coaches (they have Tom Coulterman from Team Brad Jacobs), psychologists, nutritionists, trainers, etc.

These girls are also young. Kate is 16, Kira is 17, Mikaela is 17 and Emma is 18. They could potentially be in the junior program for another 3-5 years.

Kate will additionally curl with a group of U18 girls in the hopes to become a 3-time “bantam” provincial champion. This year will mark the first year that U18 (or bantam) curlers will have a national championship. This will be held in March 2017 in Moncton, New Brunswick.

The team consists of Kira Brunton, Skip; Kate Sherry, Second; Sydnie Stinson, Second; Jessica Leonard, Lead; Chris Johnson, Coach.

The girls should be favoured to go to nationals as they won the provincials last year, all four curlers are curling with competitive junior teams, and Kira and Kate have won bantam provincials 3 years and 2 years in a row respectively.

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