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Brooms & Board Games | Feb. 3


Join us on Friday February 3rd for “Brooms and Board Games”, an evening of curling, board games, food and beverages. There is a $5 cover charge + $5 to participate in Curling (orientation at 6pm, 6-end game at 7pm) + $5 for pizza (delivered at 9pm). Bring your own board games, cards or social activities and spend the night enjoying some good old fashioned fun.

This month’s event will features a Euchre Tournament!

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# Team Name Player #1 Player #2 Player #3 Player #401. FamJam Courtney Chenier Jordan Chenier Deanna Willard Jesse Chenier 02. Davis Val Davis John Davis Shelly Hampel Allan Hampel 03. McCormack Larry McCormack Rick Besner John Murihead Sherry Ilesich 04. Stockermans Bernie Stockermans Nancy Hughes Greg Stockermans 05. The Sweeping Beauties Ashley Forster Sarah MacGregor Kathleen Troop Kendall Pasieka 06. Challengers Craig "Draw Weight" Dodge Jeff "Miami Vice" Philbert Billy "On The Button" Brooks Jeremy "The Guard" Girard 07. Hong 1 Ed Hong Colin Young Greg Chezzi Danielle Young 08. Hong 2 Andrew Hong Steve Home Josée Methé Kyle Kelly 09. Bonnah Don Bonnah Sandy Deschenes Donna Reise Megan Bonnah 10. The Floss Ladies Loretta Dumas Chantal Hutchison Josie Paquette Emilie Laforge 11. Love Sue Love John Trussler Cathy Rennie Brenda Walsh 12.


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