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APR 01 | COVID-19 Update

To all members:

We are all well aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had on our community, businesses, homes and families. The North Bay Granite Club is also faced with some very difficult realities.

At the March 25th, 2020 Board meeting, the excruciating decision was made to temporarily lay off two of our key operational team members, Bobby Ray and Stacey Dobbin. The decision was obviously made based on the financial impact we have suffered in not being able to complete our curling season and in particular hosting the Coldwell Banker closing spiel. As well, our custodian Don Murphy has been informed that his services will not be required until further notice.

All of your directors have struggled in making these decisions as we are well aware of the financial impact it will have on all who are affected. But more than that, we recognize the important roll that these valued employees have played in the resurgence of both tennis and curling at our club. It is our sincerest hope that this virus will be able to be dealt with swiftly and effectively so that we can welcome back all of our operational management team and support staff.

I would also like to thank Bruno Bin for agreeing to forgo a portion of his final contractual payment as our season came to an early demise.

To Bobby, Stacey, Bruno, Laura and Don – thank you for your dedication and commitment to our club and we will see you soon.

Additionally, the apparent delay in starting our tennis season has negatively impacted our cash flow. With that in mind I have reached out to our tennis pro Fransua Rachmann and he has agreed to pro rate his current contract to cover the period of time that we are finally able to operate under. I cannot thank Fransua enough as he came forward without hesitation to accommodate us in these trying times as we work towards a strong and brighter future.

Your Board of Directors will continue to monitor this ever evolving issue and will consistently communicate to you, our members, on any changes and accommodations that are required within our operation. As soon as we are cleared to reassemble as a large group, we will issue a notice of our “Spring A.G.M.” We look forward to meeting you face to face at that time in a secure and healthy environment. In the mean time, the current Board will maintain their present executive positions and keep the best interests of your club in the forefront of our dealings.

We wish you the best of health and hope that you will successfully overcome this hardship.

Yours in curling,

Mark Brown, President On behalf of your Board of Directors- Mike Callahan, Natasha Gribbon, Cindy Pattenden and Dana Mackfall

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