OCT 4: Orientation to Curling @ 6pm


Registration is now open for the Granite Club’s “Orientation to Curling” session taking place on Wednesday October 4th from 6pm – 7:30pm.

This 90-minute session will allow you to sample a possible new past-time and introduce you to North Bay’s only curling facility. Learn to throw a rock with a balanced delivery, sweep, and play this authentically Canadian sport for $20/adult and $10/kid (under 16).

Once completed, anyone who is interested in continuing with instruction will be encouraged to enlist in our Adult Learn to Curl program that runs Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm – 9:00pm until November 15th.





# Name # Name
01. Wanda Lassiter 13. Trish Reynolds
02. Laura Whitehead 14. Alisha Matheny
03. Gideon Whitehead 15. Cris Hawkins
04. Judy Taun 16. Joanne Nelson
05. Ross Taun 17. Patti Carr
06. Danielle Cheverie 18. Stephen Lalande
07. Nick Nauta 19. Skye Whitehead
08. Carol Bouchard 20.
09. Michel Johnson 21.
10. Paula Kizell 22.
11. Steven Kizell 23.
12. Mike Reynolds 24.