Brooms & Board Games Ft. Dominoes | April 7th


Join us on Friday April 7th for “Brooms and Board Games”; an evening of curling, board games, food and beverages. There is a $5 cover charge + $5 to participate in Curling (6-end game beginning at 6pm) + $5 for pizza (delivered at 8pm). Bring your own board games, cards or social activities and spend the night enjoying some good old fashioned fun.

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# Team Name Player #1 Player #2 Player #3 Player #4
01. Tayler Brian Tayler Erin Tayler Kat Tayler Christen Spence
02. Beers On You Heather MacWilliams Cory Sage Charity C. Relesey C.
03. Forster Ashley Forster Sarah MacGregor Brea Lingley Ajoke Amis
04. Season Enders Shelly Hampel Allan Hampel Val Davis John Davis
05. Stox Bernie Stockermans TBA TBA TBA
06. Saditsover Madeleine Makowiczuk Cathy Rennie Lynn May Brenda Walsh
07. Team Chart Chris Chartrand Megan Johnson Jeremy Bin Kalene Bin
08. Chirico Rob Chirico Liz Chirico Norm Albert Elaine Beckett-Albert
09. Hog Line Heroes Jeff Philbert Jim Gough James Foisy Mike Yu
10. Button Factory Iain McCulley Leah Currie Nancy Hughes Carol Tremblay
11. Curling Life Bobby Ray Eric Gelinas Katharine O'Connell TBD