Could Mixed Curling Championships Lead to Something Bigger?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The North Bay Granite Club was at maximum capacity on Monday night for the official opening ceremonies for the Canadian Mixed Curling Championships which began earlier in the day.

A total of 14 teams are competing for the National title at the local curling club this week.

While the Northern Ontario representative is from Thunder Bay, the organizing committee paid tribute to some local curlers who had competed on the national stage before.

“We’ve got a rich, rich history, so the 14 sign bearers represented 31 Canadian Championships they’ve attended.  That’s absolutely amazing.  And to think that they are still here with us and you know what they are good athletes because a lot of those jackets still fit,” said event Co-Chair Dave Bennett.

The competition will take place throughout the week and wrap up with the finals on Sunday.  The winner this event will represent Canada at the World Mixed Championships next year.

Bennett says more than 120 volunteers have come together to help organize this high profile curling event.  He believes that North Bay doesn’t need to stop at the Mixed Nationals and perhaps a bigger national or international event could realisitically take place one day at Memorial Gardens.

“Quite frankly I don’t think we could see the Brier here, Memorial Gardens of course, we have a beautiful facility there now but what we might be able to do is hold a smaller World Championship maybe a Scotties, a lot of work would have to go into that but you know what I think North Bay could do it if indeed the time came.”