MAR 2-4 | Coldwell Banker Open Bonspiel


The North Bay Granite Club’s annual Coldwell Banker Bonspiel is scheduled for March 2nd – 4th, 2018.

Cost is $280 for teams registered and paid by Friday February 2nd, 2018 and $320 for teams that sign up after the early bird deadline.

Teams may consist of any combination of male or female curlers of any age or ability.


First 40 Teams Registered & Paid Accepted! Early Bird Deadline: Friday February 2nd

# Skip Vice Second Lead Paid?
01. Pat Gelinas Eric Gelinas Luc Gelinas Paid
02. Brad Carriere Katharine O'Connell Jon Boese Claudette Carriere Paid
03. Gavan Jamieson Jeff Miller Mat Forrest 1/2 Paid
04. Bobby Ray Tyler Langlois Courtney Chenier Joanne Come Paid
05. Lyle Biglow Dave Dwyer Brad Hubley Tom Cholewinsky Paid
06. Gilbert Waye Mark Angelo Steve Banducci Rick Green Paid
07. Chris Bowman Ryan McColeman Tanner Johnson Ben Alexander Paid
08. Mark Brown Natasha Gribbon Jeff King Jen Rothwell Paid
09.  Tom Cull Amanda Corkal Gerry Carrier Monique Schryer Paid
10. Rick Miller Jim Lisk Scott Miller Vince Pugliese Paid
11. Steve Mitchell Jim Szarka David Lawes Tyeler Commanda Paid
12. John Bowman Manon Seyler John Seyler Linda Bowman Paid
13. Serge Palin Chris Chartrand Jeremy Bin Jordon Staroba Paid
14. Stacey Dobbin John Davis Val Davis Mark Dobbin Paid
15. Elaine Beckett-Albert Alison Strong Thorel Beckett Cheryl Hampson Paid
16. Kathleen Tayler Danielle Cheverie Nick Nauta Rhiannon Don Paid
17. John Burns John Sheridan Guy Fournier Rob Maltby Paid
18. Malcolm O'Bright Dylan Burns Andrew Hong Sean Breadmore Paid
19. Brian Tayler Bernie Stockermans Erin Tayler Aileen LeBreton Paid
20. Dennis Gebhart Marcel Lefebvre Gus Laforge Greg Dupont Paid
21. Carl Woodbury Amanda Woodbury Cory Presseault Cynthia Presseault Paid
22. Erica Hopson TBA TBA TBA Paid
23. Leitch TBA TBA TBA Paid
24. Jeff Philbert Ashley Forster James Foisey Sarah MacGregor Paid
25. Mike O'Bright Sharron O'Bright Kevin O'Bright Marc Baril Paid
26. Dave Herst Paul Renauld Terry Porterlance Shane K. Paid
27. Greg Estabrooks Artie Trudel Craig Haworth Pat Jackson 1/2 Paid
28. Brian Westfall Tim Cooper Jason Masonville Jessica Sylvestre Paid
29. Brad Minogue Becky Minogue Matt Dumontelle Ryan/Laura Forget
30. Dan Coutu Sara Lake Frank Albeartie Kathy Laporte Paid
31. Kaz Lutecki Linda Lutecki Denis Perron Joan Perron Paid
32. Mike Callahan Bonnie Tweedle Jamie Graham Pat Graham Paid
33. Patti Callahan Karen Cobb Paulette Brown Gladys Banks-Bryer Paid
34. Drew Lindsey Courtney Gordon Grant Cowan Kathleen Cowan Paid
35. Alex Porter TBA TBA TBA Paid
36. Mike Venhola Kathy Venhola Jim Antler Madeleine Makowiczuk Paid
37. Mel Cox Ed Hong Jack Phillips Butch Blair Paid
38. Cheryl Vainio Bill Vainio Kyle Vainio Maija Vainio Paid
39. Iain McCulley Leah Currie Carol Tremblay Relessey Cripps Paid
40. George Wilson Bob Wilson Steve Hevenor Paid
41 Charles Chirico Brandon Dan Delorme Mike Harrison


Division Download
A Division Download PDF
B Division Download PDF
C Division Download PDF
D Division Download PDF
All Division Download Excel Spreadsheet

Entertainment & Features

FRI Post-Game | Pizza

Stick around after the game because there’ll be enough pizza to feed an army. We can’t promise that anyone will get rich this weekend; but certainly nobody will go hungry!




FRI 9:30pm – 1:30am | Johnny Williams


If you ask anyone that has seen or heard Johnny’s music or performances they will have one word to say, Talent. Johnny is well known for his blues influenced sound and raw vocal power. This Sudbury based musician is a crowd favourite and will be the perfect touch to your Friday night at The Coldwell.

Links:   YouTube   Facebook   Official Website


FRI Midnight | Wings

Not much to explain here… hang around us late enough and you’ll be rewarded with wings!





SAT 11am – 2pm | All-You-Can-Eat Tacos

Stayed up too late last night? Suck it up, because there ‘s a full itinerary to stick to on Saturday at the Coldwell, beginning right after the first draw. We’ve made sure to give you a reason to crawl out of bed for a lunch that is both delicious and included in your entry!



SAT 11am – 3pm | Super Fun Time Trivia

For mature audiences only. Register your team for this comedic trivia challenge hosted by North Bay’s Cole and Kevin of Super Fun Time Trivia.

Cost is $20/team ($5/person) with the opportunity to win some fun prizes. Sign up to play at 11:15am and/or 1:15pm (sessions go about 90 minutes).

This event replaces any 50-50 draws, etc. done in the past. Your participation is appreciated.

Links:   Instagram   Facebook   Official Website



SAT 3:15pm – 4:45pm | Stand Up Comedy

Can you tell? We don’t want you to be anywhere but here during this year’s Coldwell Banker Bonspiel! Stick around for a performance by local up and coming comedians from North Bay and Sudbury.






SAT 5pm – 7pm: Sushi & Chinese Buffet

All of your favourite chinese buffet food items plus a vast assortment of maki rolls await you Saturday night at the Coldwell…YUM! Don’t pass up on this opportunity to refuel before a long night of jaw dropping entertainment and dancing!



SAT 8pm – 9:30pm | Coll:de Album Release

North Bay’s Bryce Sigouin is coming home on March 3rd for a much anticipated Album Release Party as “Coll:de”; a one man band specializing in machine driven beats, looped acoustic guitar and the occasional bad pun.

Links:   YouTube   Facebook   Official Website



Saturday 10pm – 1am | Jamie WilliamsJamieWilliams032516

Jamie Williams has been performing professionally for over 25 years. As a headline performer at most of Central Ontario’s premier vacation resorts, he has entertained audiences of people from all across North America. After his shows the response is always the same – “Wow! How does one guy produce such a big sound?!”

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Jamie plays each and every instrument himself on the background tracks he uses in his live show. Even the vocal harmonies are painstakingly worked out and recorded. The result is a sound that is full and vibrant. Close your eyes and you will swear that a 5- or 6-piece band is playing up on stage.

Jamie’s stage setup usually consists of ten guitars (acoustic, electric, 6-string, 12-string, bass), banjo, two mandolins (different tunings), banjo, electric violin, piano/keyboard, saxophone, percussion (kick drum, snare, bongos, chimes,shakers etc.) and an arsenal of harmonicas.

Links:   YouTube   Facebook   Official Website

SUN 1am | Late Night Snack

Truth be told, if you’re still standing by this point in the weekend you deserve a reward! McDonalds hamburgers, chicken burgers, and fries to be delivered at 1am for all you party animals.




SUN | Playoffs

If you came to play, the grind starts Sunday. It could be a 3-game day for some of you and we guarantee it won’t be worth it whatsoever; we sort of blew the budget on fun stuff like food and entertainment. Hopefully you just like Curling…

The winners of the Main Event will be inscribed on an annual plaque and presented with Card Boxes in memory of long-time bonspiel sponsor and competitive curler Peter Minogue.







Please contact us to learn about our sponsorship opportunities.