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Volunteers and sponsors of the North Bay Granite Club are invited to this free event, including an orientation to Curling, a 4-end game and much more We'd love to take this opportunity to show you how much we appreciate your support. 

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Open to all ages and skills levels! Equipment is available to borrow. If participating, please bring warm stretchy clothing and clean indoor running shoes. Children 10 & under are required to wear a helmet (bike, hockey, ski helmet etc.).

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Don't want to miss this great talent!

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Get your draw weight ready! Join Canada's Big Shootout for a chance to win a $5000 grant for the North Bay Granite Club. The club with the most draws to the pin in 30 minutes wins!

  • All draw shot attempts will be video-recorded or live-streamed, and timestamped.

  • The Shootout will be thirty (30) continuous minutes on one sheet of ice.

  • Only draw shots covering the pin count.

  • Sweeping is OK. 

  • Once a participant hits the pin they cannot deliver any more stones.

  • Ties will be broken by a random draw performed by Curling Canada.

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Come and enjoy some tasting/sampling with Gateway City Brewery!

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